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We can provide the domestic industry with tailor-made high-end users cost-effective equipment.

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The customer for the grain and oil industry leader, the leader, the production of products include many varieties, many specifications of braided and plastic packing; The project of the communist party of China using two IRB - 460 ABB robot at the same time solve the carton, pallet packaging products, in addition to the weight used in the production line and lines conveying, the re-inspection, eliminate non-conforming product and tray automatically assigned conveying technology, packaging can be reached after the unmanned production, efficiently solved the production needs of customers. 
For two different kinds of product palletizing customer demand, our company creative to the quick change of plate used in the automobile industry technology is applied to this project, solve the replace clamp time, solve the man-machine crossover operation risk. 
Design capacity: 750 box/H or cartons